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The World's First Remote Controlled Quadricopter by your Smart Phone or Tablet Device Record HD Video and Pictures during Flight

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The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter combines Models, Video games, RC helicopter flight, Remote control, 2 Video cameras, Wi-Fi, and your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device as the controller.

It has 4 independent rotors (Quadricopter), 2 cameras and a remote user interface (iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android).

The AR Drone uses it own Wi-Fi network for communication with your iPhone or Android no need to have access to the Internet. It has a very large flying area.
AR Drone Tri PictureAR drone Remote Control

This one is not just for the kids, dads will have a hard time letting the young one get a turn with this incredible Parrot Quadricopter

Images captured by the camera are sent back to the pilot in real time allowing you to steer the helicopter in real time. Never before has such technology been put together in one package, allowing the Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter to do something no other remote controlled vehicle can do, just like the U.S. Military’s Predator Drone.

AR Drone Flying Video GameiPhone as the Controller

High-technology Sensors allow simple Piloting, a mix of captors, wide-angle camera, high-speed camera and MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), accelerometer, gyro sensors, and ultrasound sensor with a powerful on-board computer make piloting the AR Drone easy. An Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android is required to operate the Parrot Quadricopter. It’s the computing power of
the Apple or Android device that allows the awesome heads up interface required to operate the Quadricopter.

Parrot Quadricopter Power BoxParrot Quadricopter Elite BoxParrot Quadricopter 2.0 box

The Parrot Quadricopter comes in different models AR.Drone Power Edition, AR.Drone Elite Edition, AR.Drone 2.0

The Parrot AR Drone has been designed for both inside and outside use. It’s recommend that the removable full hull shield be used indoors to protect the Quadricopter from impacts.
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Battery life is around 12-15 minutes of Flying Time. Average charging time is around 1 1/2
hours. Highly recommended to buy a second battery. You will want to maximize you flying time.

Attach a GoPro HD Helmet HERO Camera AR Drone Go Pro Mountand the possibilities are limited to only your imagination.

Moving the AR Drone is very simple as it done by moving the iPhone or iPod touch back and forth as well as side to side. The accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod touch are what makes this method of control possible, another benefit of the Apple and Android controlled product.

The pilot views images on the screen of an Apple ipod and controls the helicopter using easy-to-use controls on the iPad itself. These one touch controls are very easy to operate.

The communication and control are what separates a Parrot AR drone Helicopter from conventional RC helicopter.

AR at the Beach

One unique advantage Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter has over conventional RC controlled helicopter, the conventional one will crash when pilot leaves its remote control. The Parrot Quadricopter goes into autopilot mode and hovers in place until pilot takes hte control back. This feature also gives pilot a little time for rest. Conventional helicopters are usually flown in the range of eyesight. The Parrot AR drone helicopter can be flown even when it out of sight due to it’s high speed video cameras.

Unboxing the Parrot AR Drone Video.AR Drone unboxing Video

What do you get when you buy the Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter

  • AR DroneAR Drone In the Box
  • Indoor hull
  • Outdoor hull
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Four power adapters(EU, US/JP, UK,
  • Sticker for outdoor hull (for multi-player battles)
  • Quick start guide

Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter Videos

The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter is the most unique high tech toy ever.

The AR Drone turns reality into a video game with you and your iPhone┬« or Android device in the pilot’s seat.

Enjoy the Videos of the incredible Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter